Working Papers

Acquiring Labor (with Rebecca Zarutskie)
  • 2nd Round Revise and Resubmit at the Review of Financial Studies

Wages and Firm Performance: Evidence from the 2008 Financial Crisis  (with Elena Simintzi)
  • Presented at 2016 AFA; SOLE, Cavalcades

Going Entrepreneurial? IPOs and New Firm Creation (with Tania Babina and Rebecca Zarutskie)
  • Presented at 2017 AFA; SOLE, Cavalcades

Mergers and Acquisitions, Technological Change and Inequality (with Wenting Ma and Elena Simintzi)
  • Presented at 2017 WFA; SOLE, Cavalcades, FIRS, SIOE

The Cross-Section of Non-Wage Benefits (with Tim Liu, Christos Makridis, and Elena Simintzi) NEW

Entrepreneurial Wages (with Tania Babina, Wenting Ma and Rebecca Zarutskie) NEW

Learning from Coworkers: Peer Effects on Individual Investment Decisions (with Geoffrey Tate) NEW

Investor Experience and Attention: The Effect of Financial Shocks on Individual Trading Decisions (with Geoffrey Tate)
  • Presented at 2017 Cavalcades, FIRS

Published Papers

Mueller, Ouimet and Simintzi. 2017. Within Firm Pay Inequality , Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.

Mueller, Ouimet and Simintzi. 2017. Wage Inequality and Firm Growth American Economic Review P&P, forthcoming. 

Aldatmaz, Ouimet and Van Wesep. 2016. The Option to Quit: The Effect of Employee Stock Options on Turnover Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

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